The Importance of Oil Samples

Why is it important to give your equipment a routine physical? For humans, a blood test is part of a routine physi­cal. You may feel fine, but a blood test will reveal more about your health than what a doc­tor can see. Likewise, testing fluids in your equipment tells a lot about its condition. Oil samples can reveal things about your vehicle that can not be seen by the naked eye.

Oil analysis is most effec­tive as a diagnostic tool when samples are taken from the equip­ment at established and sched­uled intervals to create a trend of results. In time, the load of worn materi­als begins affect­ing the oil’s lubricating capabil­ity. This cannot be detected by driver or mechanic, but only by an oil sample.

By early identification of contamination and wear particles, possible component failure can be predicted. This can significantly reduce costs by identifying a simple solution before a major failure occurs. If you know something is wrong, it can be repaired before a major break down.

After the repairs are made it is important to retest the equipment. A recent example I encountered was a ven­dor who made a repair and did not change the oil. If another oil sample had not been taken, surely an engine would have been lost.

Two Things that make Oil Samples Ineffective:

  • Oil samples not per­formed routinely.
    • Oil samples should be taken at regular monthly intervals to catch abnor­malities.
  • Lack of information while turning in your oil sample.
    • The paperwork must be filled out completely and correctly for the oil sample to be tracked properly.

If you are interested in learning more about the oil analysis program at Wisconsin Truck & Boom Repair, just give us a call. We assure you that this approach, along with a good preventative maintenance program, will save you time and money in the end.


“Oil samples can reveal things about your vehicle that can not be seen by the naked eye.”